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driveway security post
security bollard are a dedicated company based in Kent supplying and installing security bollards and parking posts. As a company we are seeing more and more cars being stolen and ram-raid attacks taking place. Security bollards are playing a big part in helping combat car theft from driveways by installing telescopic bollards. Our security posts we supply and fit are a physical and visual deterrent and will give total peace of mind. Pictured left is an installation of anti-ram bollards.

 security bollard installation


keyless entry device

Organised gangs are using new technology to make it even easier to get your vehicles off your driveway. This technology is easily purchased online and is becoming more common.  This technology is used to target keyless entry cars, making it much easier for cars to be stolen. There are many added gadgets and devices to act as a deterrent to help combat car theft . With a more visual and physical deterrent, City Bollards can provide the solution to car theft and many other security factors. A driveway security post can provide the perfect protection. A telescopic post will give you the ultimate peace of mind knowing your vehicle will be there when you wake up. Unfortunately most people do not realise they need added security until they have been a victim of this crime. At City Bollards we have many solutions to combat this issue. We offer a nationwide bollard installation service for domestic and commercial customers. 


security bollard

With any problem there is always a solution. Whether that be a telescopic bollard to stop your car from being stolen or an anti ram post to stop attacks or damage to your business premises. City Bollards offer a wide range of solutions to help you solve a wide range of issues. We can offer a nationwide bollard installation service on all of our products.  Should you require any advice or help choosing the right product to suit your needs, then do not hesitate to call our team. City Bollards specialise in driveway security products.

 A few pictures showing how telescopic bollards are being used in domestic and commercial situations 

driveway security
security posts
security bollards in postion
Anti-Ram Bollads installed behind a set of gates for extra security
4 anti ram bollards added protection for gates