Ground Anchors

The main purpose of the ground anchor is to provide a secure anchor point  for various items to be secured to.  City Bollards travel nationwide installing ground anchors to prevent crimes such as the theft of caravans, trailers, bikes, quads and machinery. There are several types of ground anchors available to suit your needs. The ground anchors we supply and install are of a permanent fixing which are concreted into place. Anchors can be used inside garages, sheds, storage units, as well as outdoor use. Please note: We do not recommend ground anchors to be installed in soft ground conditions.  

Terra force

terra force ground anchor

The terra force is a sold secure product and really does offer that secure anchoring point for bike security, trailers, quads machinery etc. Please be advised that this product would not suit wet grass areas. 

      Suitable surfaces                             Specifications 

             Tarmac                                 59mm chain diameter 

            Concrete                                   Case hardened

         Block paving                                   Sold secure 

Supplied and fitted £170.00+ VAT

Telescopic anchor

telescopic ground anchor
autolok ground anchor

The Autolok ground anchor is very durable. The Autolok isn't like most ground anchors as this sits flush with the ground when not in use. Therefore does not become a potential trip hazard.

            Suitable surfaces                        Specifications 

                    Tarmac                                  165mm high

                   Concrete                         60mm chain diameter

                 Block paving                         305mm in ground

Supplied & fitted £170.00 + VAT