Parking Posts

City Bollards offer a wide selection of Parking Posts supplied and fitted to suit your needs. Parking Posts are designed to be used to reserve and secure your private parking bays at home or at work. Giving you back control of your space, they really are the best possible solution to solve rogue parking. We offer posts that we feel are the best on the market and great value.

Bendy Post

This is an example of bendy post in a flat down position
parking post

The bendy post is a very popular parking post. With a spring insert, it gives the post room to flex should somebody make contact with a vehicle when the post is up.

Sutiable surfaces             Specification

       Tarmcac                     610mm high

      Concrete                     Integral lock

   Block paving              75mm clearence


Supplied & Fitted £180.00 + VAT

KYP Fold Down

folding parking post

The KYP is is a fantastic parking post and a popular one with our customers.  The 4-hole bolt-down fixing is suitable for most surfaces. Powder-coated yellow will stand up to all weather conditions 

        Surfaces Surfaces                         Specifications 

              Tarmac                                      620mm high

          Block paving                                  Integral lock 

            Concrete                           100mm ground clearance

Supplied & Fitted £180.00 + VAT

SS6 Fold Down

This is an example of an SS6 spigot based fold down parking post
This is a close up of the locking mechanism of the SS6 parking post

Available in a bolt-down or spigot version, this post offers more of a coverage within parking bays. A post we recommend when having more than one post in a row. 


 Suitable Surfaces           Specification 

        Tarmac                    720mm high

       Concrete            Disc lock supplied

   Block paving   100mm ground clearance 

Supplied & Fitted £240.00 + VAT

Commander Post 

This is an example of the Commnder post in an upright position
This is an example of the Commnder post in a down position

The commander post is another post offering a wide coverage within the parking bay. Again, this post is ideal for multiple posts in a row. 

     Suitable Surfaces            Specification

           Tarmac                       570mm high

          Concrete                    780mm width

      Block paving                   Integral lock 

Supplied & Fitted £ 270.00 + VAT

100P Removable Post

Hideaway Post

This is an example of a 100P parking post
This is a close up of the locking mechanism of the 100P parking post

The 100P is available in black, white and yellow. This is a permanent fixing with removable post  and can be used for many different parking issues. Powder-coated to ensure it stands the test of time in all weathers. 

Suitable Surfaces  Tarmac 


Block Paving



800mm high

200mm in ground

Supplied & Fitted £240.00 + VAT

This is an example of a Hideaway flush-fitting parking post
This is an example of a Hideaway post in the down position

The hideaway post sits flush with the surface. Post sits inside the casing when not in us, and sits up right when in use.

Suitable Surfaces


Block Paving






Supplied & Fitted £ 320.00 + VAT